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Wheaton, DuPage County, Illinois- Family Law and Divorce Litigation Attorneys

The attorneys at Laraia & Laraia, P.C. understand the complexities surrounding family law issues and how they often complicate other areas of our clients’ personal and professional lives. Divorce not only affects couples, but children and other family members as well, especially if there is a family owned business and other assets at stake, during property division.

From our Wheaton, Illinois law office, we represent clients in DuPage, Kane, and Will County, as well as the city of Chicago, and other cities throughout northern Illinois.

We help individuals and families who are struggling with all types of marital issues and who need experienced litigation attorneys that can handle difficult family law issues, such as:

*FAMILY LAW ALERT: As of January 1st, 2016, Illinois family laws changed majorly. Read about how child custody and visitation were affected.

Supportive Legal Guidance to Protect Your Rights

Divorce is complicated as is, but when there is a history of domestic abuse or even the threat of violence any time before, during, or after a divorce proceeding, our attorneys can step in and help to protect your rights and assist you in obtaining Orders of Protection

Through hard work and dedication, we aim to minimize conflicts that may happen in a divorce, and we take preventative measures to ensure our clients’ safety, while offering our support in the most delicate family law situations.

Attorneys Available to Help You

If you are going through a difficult divorce and are concerned about how your assets will be protected or need advice about your parental rights in a child custody battle, then you need an exceptional team of litigation attorneys who can fight to protect your valuable interests.

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